GOAL 4 EDUCATION PROGRAM2017-04-22T12:40:52+00:00

UST strongly believe that education is the foundation of success, through written information, discussions with specialists and friendly games, we help young people to get scholarships at colleges and universities so they can continue their studies and have a better future.

UST prepares children and young people to the world of 21st-century education, we are interested that our athletes learn not only high-quality football, but we also concentrate deeply on their academic goals.

We implement the values of the Foundation for players to be more capable than what they were before.

We want to teach our youth that soccer is more than just a sport; it is an open door to academic success and a professional career path.

We want to get a “Goal for Education”.

Since our best way to communicate with each other has always been through a ball, we play friendly matches with other university teams, that way our players will have the opportunity to interact directly with other students, coaches, and board members of these institutions. This breaks the barrier of insecurity and encourages the confidence of our players to pursue scholarships.

This program is very important because most of our players come from low-income working families, and for their parents, it is almost impossible to dream of paying for a high college level education for their children. That is why together with your support, their talent and desire to succeed, the door to a better education can be opened for them.